About Us

Clock Wisdom Lane is a leading international consulting firm specializing in international business development, including strategic planning, product innovation and risk management.  Our professionals focus in understanding our client needs to collaborate with their business and finance strategy.

We have a global presence, with professionals based throughout Europe, America and Asia. We have established a reputable network of collaborators throughout the world to objectively examine all possible structures and alternatives to select the best solution for our clients.

Our close connections to the emerging markets and the deals we are involved in, help us understand our clients’ needs across many different situations. While recognizing the unique local circumstances in which a particular client operates, we undertake international benchmark practices to enjoy an in-depth understanding of the complex and ever-changing interface between private entrepreneurs doing business in an international environment. We are recognized for our ability to deliver transactions covering multiple jurisdictions, cultures and parties.

Wisdom Lane is frequently called upon to help craft the international strategies of its clients, who benefit from our global perspective and depth knowledge of cross-border transaction. Having assisted in formulating the strategy, our professionals have the hands-on skills to deliver the desired outcome. We remain involved throughout the life cycle of our mandate, from pitch to completion.