Procurement & Trading Support


Wisdom Lane specializes in assisting buyers and seller in the commercialization of goods worldwide. Our trading support services are based in providing efficiency in processes and maximizing the costs to allow our clients achieving competitiveness in international markets. More and more the international environment has expanded frontiers with more and more importers and exporters having to deal with different countries, languages and cultures when doing business.
Our support services allow clients to focus on their core business and relay on a partner which will maximize their opportunities in a cost effective manner.
Wisdom Lane has a extended understanding of local and global markets being able to provide:

  • Extensive data base of competitors and trade partners allowing clients to increase their knowledge on the markets
  • Assistance in negotiation and closing of contracts
  • Information on international export/ import regulations for maximization of efficiency
  • Finding suppliers and/ or buyers as required allowing clients to grow in business
  • Optimization of financial benefits through proper logistic strategies
  • Assistance in drafting agreements and all the trading documents through our legal professionals
  • Reduction of the cost burden by centralizing operations, collection of invoices and payments
  • Expansion of clients’ presence in the different markets
  • Financial risk assessment

Wisdom Lane provides high quality professionals with large experience in handling international transactions in all corners of world facilitating communications between the parties and being able to timely close deals. Our services combine legal support to establish and bind the commercial relationships and operational support to ensure all the import/ export steps are followed and all permit and international requirements are met, including logistics and proper follow up of the shipments until they reach customer.