Marketing & Research

Meeting people

Wisdom Lane aims to partner with its clients in filling market gaps and achieve a competitive advantage in their sector. Our goal as international consultants is to set up, enhance or expand our clients operations globally in order to move their business forward and meet the most ambitious sales and business growth targets.

Business development is vital for any enterprise wishing to develop and maintain a successful business, and especially for companies looking to develop business opportunities outside of their geographical boundaries.

Our key marketing and business consulting solutions are focused on:

  • Designing marketing, sales and business strategies to create increased effectiveness, new opportunities and growth by tailoring solutions for import and export of products and services with the aim of maximizing revenues in a strong currency;
  • Continuously researching, analyzing and adjusting to stay ahead of changing market trends, industry advances and competitive influences;
  • Planning and supporting our clients foreign market entry initiative;
  • Adapting clients product or service to the demands and requirements of foreign market;
  • Maximizing existing customer opportunities while proactively targeting new markets and prospects;
  • Finding, screening and selecting foreign buyers, suppliers or distributors;
  • Outsourcing client export and import operations;
  • Design and subsequently develop the best way to promote client’s brand into target markets’ mind.
  • Drafting or revising your international trade contract

Because of its local presence and the specialization of our team in knowledge and identification of rules governing international commerce, Wisdom Lane pays close attention in observing best practices. This means that wherever our clients are in the world, they can access our international wealth of sector experience and expertise. Our dedicated professional and network collaborators possess a global awareness of the dynamics of each industry, designed to complement our local market knowledge. It’s our way of ensuring we offer each client the best possible solution.